Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion Alarms

All Phase Security Inc. takes your safety and security seriously. When you want to install systems that keep your family and employees safe, a high-quality, comprehensive, and dependable system is a must.

Our team has decades of experience designing and installing security and alarm systems. We proudly use products from well-respected brands, and consider your security needs from all angles. With our eye for detail and expertise, you can be confident your alarm system will detect any events you want to monitor. And when they do, we offer two methods of monitoring – You can either receive alerts on your smart devices, or our in-house monitoring team will respond.

Variety of Detectors for All Your Needs

Using a variety of detectors, sensors, and cameras, we design custom security systems for each client. No two properties are alike, and our systems can watch out for more than just trespassing. Our detectors include:

  • Heat Detectors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Magnetic Window Sensors
  • Audible Glassbreak Detection
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Bill Trap Silent Alarm
  • …and more!

We know that false alarms can be both concerning and costly. That’s why we use high-quality products with proven performance in reducing false alarms. Our sensors have the technology to eliminate false alarms due to pets, insects, and other innocuous occurrences. With extensive testing, they have been proven to detect real problems, and dramatically reduce false alarms and are perfect for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings.

Commercial Intrusion Detection Systems

If an unauthorized person does gain access to your property, our intrusion detection systems will sound an alarm, alerting you to the issue. We also offer silent alarm system options for businesses that discreetly notify authorities of a security breach.

24/7/365 Response

Backup Radio Communication: In the event that your phone lines are down or compromised, we can provide a wireless communication path to the Central Station for dispatch of emergency forces.

Central Monitoring: The key to your security system is the level of response it produces. Our U.L. listed Central Station provides rapid professional dispatch procedures to ensure the response of emergency forces and to make sure you are made aware of the situation.


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Parts of an Intrusion Alarm System

Window and Door Detectors

We offer a variety of detectors that monitor opening and closing of windows and doors in your facility. Magnetic contact sensors, motion sensors, and vibration sensors are perfect for a variety of detection needs.

Signaling Devices

There are several types of alarms available to work with any size and kind of facility. We offer both audible and visual alerting devices. Also, we offer silent alarms for commercial properties that will let employees discreetly alert supervisors about suspicious activity.

Wireless Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be a great resource for personnel and family who may need quick assistance. These devices allow someone to send out an alert immediately without needing access to a cellphone or other communication.

Control Panels

Our robust, but intuitive, control panels ensure that clients can easily stay apprised of alerts and monitor their intrusion system from one central place. All the detectors in your system seamlessly communicate with your control panel.